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Description of the Book:

Loving someone from a distance is difficult, it's even more difficult to never be able to tell them the words that are fighting to break out of you. 'Words left Unspoken' is a compilation of twentyone poems portraying the remains of a broken past and a love that could have been.
Intricately woven from fond memories and faded promises, each poem reveals a story of its own, finding a home in the pages of this book.

Words left Unspoken

SKU: 9781005064525
  • Author Name: Liz George
    About the Author: Striking a balance between her cozy mornings with coffee and bedtimes with a book tucked under her arm, Liz's inspirations come from emotions sprung from music and the stories of her loved ones. The book contains excerpts from her sleepless nights and daydreams where thoughts preceded words, finding their escape in the edges of her notebooks. These nights planted the seed for the book you're holding right now embrace this ride where you'll visit some bittersweet moments and wholesome experiences, of a young woman taking it one day at a time.
    Book ISBN: 9781005064525


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