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Description of the Book :


A collection of the chaos that I am: one part structure and rhythm, rhyme and reason; one part mental explosion.     With fictional pieces featuring creatures and twists—the fantastical takes form. Other worlds with problems of their own, worthy of escaping to. Believing in the unbelievable. The other side of the book glimpses into my internal monologue: rants and the unpredictability and fragility of the mind. The bitterness of mental illness and trauma, the balance between the real and unreal. The immensity of anger—of all emotions tied to life's struggles and pain.     Myself, unhinged. All the hope, ugliness, and magic.

Whispers of Stardust

  • Author's Name :  Sierra Napier

    About the Author :  First time author, Sierra Napier has an English undergraduate degree as well as a Writing Intensive Certificate from the University of Alberta. She spent her university years at the Augustana faculty as a research assistant, tutor, and as choir president, taking as many creative writing classes as she could. Her favourite poet, and the reason she began writing poems herself, goes by the pseudonym Atticus. Sierra is also currently working on her first fiction novel in the comforts of her Albertan home, hoping to one day make her own readers feel the sparkle she has felt while reading Sarah J. Maas and Kelley Armstrong. She spends her time reading, singing, and taking bubble baths. When she's not spending time with fictional characters, she can also be found playing with her bunnies Timothée and Theodore.

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