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Description of the Book:

From the soil that we plant our feet in, to our fingertips reaching towards the warmth of the sun, ‘Where We Grow’ is a collection of poems written for the people who are trying to grow, but don’t exactly know which direction to go - just yet. Between the many fears, self-doubts and the abilities to stand your ground and own the space you’re in, it cultivates a journey of self-discovery for those looking for a connection within the pages of someone who has been there before. So if you just don’t have a clue what you are doing, remember, there is nothing wrong with not having it all figured out yet. Flowers bloom at different times, right? And if you are one of those people who haven’t seemed to blossom yet, then ‘Where We Grow’ is the anthology for you.

Where We Grow

  • Author Name : Christianna Sequeira
    About the Author : Christianna Sequeira is an undergraduate student from British Columbia, Canada. With a passion for writing, she has always loved creating scripts, stories, and poetry with the hopes that one day she would be able to publish her very own works. Taking this passion into the world of international affairs, Christianna has taken an interest in global development and sustainability, and hopes to one day take her studies and writing abroad. Recently, she contributed her article, “Platforms for Diverse Youth Voices”, to the 2021 “Leaving No One Behind” Ezine published by the BC Council For International Cooperation (BCCIC). As a first-time author, she aims to start a conversation about the things that life throws at you and the feelings that come with it - which are present in her book, ‘Where We Grow’. Aside from writing, she enjoys photography, making bad puns, and reading about current discoveries in physics and astronomy.


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