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Description of the Book:

In his book, Amaan describes through his poems, his inward psychological battles. Over the course of 20 poems he describes both how dark things got, as well as the eventual light he found. He has refrained from divulging anymore, owing to the fact that it would take away from the beauty of the book. All he has chosen to say is that there are a few Easter Eggs hidden around the book and that the people a part of it know about it. In his words, he considers it the world’s best inside joke with the people he adores the most. Enjoy!


  • Author's Name: Amaan Iqbal Ibrahim
    About the Author:  
    • Currently a Sophomore M.B.B.S. Student at K.M.C.T. Medical College, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. • Alumnus and Former Head Boy of Our Own English High School, Boys’ Branch – Class of 2019 • Youth Ambassador – Viral Fission • Under 25 – Space Warrior Fellow • Voracious Reader, Photographer and Writer • Awards and Accolades: - • Winner of The International Diana Legacy Award for Social Work (first winner from the Middle East and one of the only two winners from Asia). • Winner of The Sharjah Volunteer Workers’ Award (only Non-Arab recipient). • Winner of The Sheikh Hamdan Award for Distinguished Family (second Indian family to receive the award). • 4-Time TEDx Speaker • 3- Time Back-to-Back Winner of the Inter School Waxing Eloquent hosted by The Millennium School, Dubai • Winner of numerous elocution competitions. • Contact Handles: -   Instagram: @amaanly1iam , @a.m.a.a.n.i.i , @amaanofculture  Facebook: Amaan Iqbal Ibrahim  +919562119573 / +917306964572/+971563480807


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