Description of the Book :


Warm Flames explores the idea of burnout, passion, and warmth in 20 poems conceptualizing fire and its existence in society. From seeking warmth from others to finding a light to guide you out of a dark tunnel, this collection explores all those burning feelings that make us human. How can one separate their burning desires from another? Is it healthy to be jealous of another person’s success? Does it change you for the better or worse? All questions are explored in a figurative manner to give consequences to these emotions and actions without overshadowing them in this debut collection.

Warm Flames - A Poetry Collection

  • Author Name :  Gurjiv Dhami
    About the Author :  Gurjiv Dhami, 24, a Punjabi Sikh born and raised in Canada, on the unceded traditional land of the Indigenous peoples of the Coast Salish which includes diverse groups such as, but not limited to, the Kwantlen, Katzie, Semiahmoo, and Tsawwassen first nations. Being a part of a diverse community striving to live together, she’s developed an interest in storytelling across various traditional and cultural perspectives. She hopes to continue this exploration in her own work as she develops her writing style past Warm Flames. She continues to write under the moniker @jeevpoet on Instagram.
    Book ISBN :  9781005596347