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Description of the Book :


This is a work of lyrical free verse packed with intensive imagery. The inspirations for these poems stem from observing other art forms, and events from everyday life. Poems that are coming of age in light of a global pandemic.

Unwritten Poems and other Muses

  • Author's Name : Skylar Martin
    About the Author : Beowulf (she/they), is from Calgary Alberta and has lived there her whole life. She has been an adamant writer since childhood and continues to participate in the local poetry community since 2019. A recent English Graduate from the University of Calgary, they have been active with the poetry community on campus. Lyrical free verse is her passion and while the pandemic prevented public performance they have continued to be prolific. She is married to Thomas Dutton and they live with their cat Bootstrap in Calgary.
    Book ISBN : 9782022145563
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