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Description of the Book:


Christianity is all about preaching gospel all throughout the world by carrying message of love that GOD has for the humanity and that he represented that love by sending his only begotten son JESUS to die on the cross for us and after 3 days GOD raised him up on throne over everything, Showing he is the only living GOD! I wrote this book to show all the hidden aspects of crucification of JESUS and what he did with us after dying on the cross and getting resurrected from the grave. I have dealt with the questions such as what happened when we received him as our personal saviour? What is the true meaning of NEW CREATION in CHRIST, which bible talks about in 2 Corinthians 5:17? Find out what GOD did with you when he died on the cross for you and when you received him as your personal saviour!


  • Author Name: Anjali Lakra
    About the Author: Anjali Lakra is a young Botanist. She was born on May 11, 1998 in Obra, Uttar Pradesh. Then Moved to Ranchi, Jharkhand for further higher studies. She Received her salvation on 22nd February 2015 and dedicated her life ever since to spread gospel throughout. She's well known among Christian youths in Ranchi as a Worship Leader & counsellor. She believes that kingdom of GOD is not in words but in demonstration of POWER. She has been testifying about living GOD by bringing presence of GOD through her songs and in many other ways. she then decided to write a book to reach millions to bring hope, love and glory of GOD to humanity. Even to tell what's there true identity in Christ.
    Book ISBN: 9780685904046


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