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Description of the Book :


A collection of poems infused with a passion for discussing the things in life that don't get talked about. The words we string together in our minds and neglect to say, the fleeting thoughts born from the subconscious, pulled and pushed away from our conscious existence. Every work in this book was written from a place of desiring better for the world, from a heart that hurts for the lack of clarity and community in today's society. and lastly, from a place of belief that there is better. Better in the world and better in each one of us. A call to action, to acknowledge brokenness and respond. These are the words unspoken.


SKU: 9781884104695
  • Author's Name : Sydney Moss
    About the Author : I have always been moved by words and their ability to change the lives of people. I love that words give us the ability to express whatever it is that we feel, everything from our deepest desires and greatest passions, to our most painful losses and heartbreaking tragedies. I have found refuge in writing in every part of my life, through loss and triumph, words have never failed me. I believe that words can help each of us to hear and be heard. When I am not writing, I'm reading someone else's words. I love that we live in a world where words are shared and thoughts relayed, each book we read offering a new perspective on life itself and further individualizes the human experience.
    Book ISBN : 9781884104695
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