Description of the Book:

This book contains a winsome collection of poems that are based on a wide horizon of true emotions. A delicate work of imagination, with an attempt of weaving the poetry cluster into a fantasized chronicle of events happened in the life of a fascinating lady. The story as a whole has something special to offer to its readers.

Living through her daily lifestyle, the protagonist feels everything from being present in her current world, feeling nostalgic of many experiences that had happened. Also lives the experiences in her head, that she had imagined in the past and once hoped to come true by now.

Sometimes she is seen taking a ride through her journal that she maintained in her youth, while some other mementos take her into a different timeline.

With around 21 poems encapsulating different stories, the author endeavors to communicate through the protagonist's episodes of life.

Twice as Aged

  • Author Name: Suriti Singh
    About the Author: Having a primary career pursuit in the Corporate world, Suriti Singh also found her interest deeply in Literature, mostly covering fiction and mystery. She believes in the art of healthy expression and does so by inking her musings, that are encapsulated into fictional characters and poetry. Her observation of Mother Nature's way of life is the biggest inspiration for most of her poems.
    Book ISBN: 9787114554834