Description of the Book :

“When you look back through your life’s window, what do you see? Does your window face a field? A canyon? Maybe it faces the ocean, or the trees. Could it perhaps be pointed towards the sun, like a spotlight on your future? Or maybe you’re like me, and your window faces the wall.” In this collection, J. J. Wolfort takes a retrospective look at the past, detailing the highs and lows from adolescence to the emergence of adulthood. Our memories exist in snapshots, one small frame of a reality we once knew well, and in each of these poems Wolfort captures the essence of an obscured memory. She invites readers to consider what they can see though their own window. What direction does it face? What do you wish to see?

This Window Faces the Wall

  • Author Name : J. J. Wolfort
    About the Author : J. J. Wolfort hasn't done anything quite noteworthy yet. But she did write this book (and she can play the guitar), so that has to count for something, right?
    Book ISBN : 9781005344894