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Description of the Book:

This is a book with carefully categorised poetry pieces that vary from emotions like insecurities, anger, sadness, heart break and love. It is a collection of emotions compiled in form of poetry.

The Verse Void

  • Author Name: Akanksha Sobti
    About the Author: A girl with her head held high, looking up aiming at the sky! All my wishes, my truth will they be? no one really knows the future so hop on let's see! Her feelings welled up inside her body's den, but she roars them all out with her hand and a pen. Akanksha is a 21 year old fashion student who loves poetry, literature and fashion. She tries to carefully put each word of poetry together like pearls in a pearl necklace. She hopes to be creative throughout her life by choosing fashion and poetry as creative outlets.
    Book ISBN: 9780463831144


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