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Description of the Book:

आहसासों से बुनी ये किताब मैंने खवाइशों का ज़िक्र है इसमे है प्यार का सफ़रनामा तो खुद की तलाश भी इसमे सवालों के बौछार मे भीगोगे भी और उमीदो के आसमान को चूमोगे भी नज़ारों की महफ़िल तुम्हारी होगी याद तुम्हें तुम्हारी ज़िम्मेदारी होगी माँ-बाप का शुक्राना ट कभी सिर्फ सोचते चले जाना लिखावट मे खो के तुम ये जान जाना कौन है तुम कौन है तुम

The Subconscious Me.

  • Author Name: Yash Sankhla
    About the Author: Yash Sankhla born and brought up in a Jain Family in a small town Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh. Humans who marked my existence are Mr. Dilip Sankhla (C.A) & Mrs. Vinita Sankhla(House wife), I also have a wonderful younger brother named Saurabh. I lived a perfect middle class childhood and lived all my dreams growing up. I had an excellent academic record throughout my life including serving my terms in school prefects as House vice Captain and Head boy in Senior year. I have won various academic certificates and trophies in debates and writings. After 12th, I opted for Chartered Accountancy as a full time course and shifted to Raipur for further studies. In 2019, I cleared the CA Foundation and marked it with All India Rank 11 and went to Mumbai to prepare for CA Intermediate. In the meantime I continued writing my stories in my poems. I attended H.R College of Commerce & Economics for my Bachelors' Degree. In the year 2020 I cleared CA Intermediate with flying colors and scored 9.8 in my second year. To date I am doing articleship with a Global CA Firm "PwC" & continuing my Third year with H.R. College. I am balancing my work and passion with joy and happiness.


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