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Description of the Book:


This book is a small constellation of poems that the author mused of, while sitting by a riverside, where time doesn't exist and where everything is beautiful. "All the noises drown in her as she sits by the river shore, As she listens to the water flow, words flow through her." This is the mosiac from all the times, the author felt broken (I know, boring), but this is also her journey, this is also smiles and laughter (from memes?), rose petals and memories, all strung together by her heart, growing in her poetry. This is the breaking, And the healing. But beware, this book is not an insight into the poet's life. But a portal which will take you to that Riverside.

The Portrait of a Rose.

  • Author's Name: Nafisa Turabi
    About the Author: Nafi writes because she loves flirting with words, which makes sense because she can't flirt in real life with her crushes. An intern doctor , when she isn't bustling and slipping around the hospitals knocking files down, she loves to go by the river and sit down watching the waves by the day and gaze the stars by the night.She likes to think she is busy but she has a lot of time to read thrillers, do weird dances, solo travel or just stare creepily at strangers and laugh at them , no questions asked.She also writes random crap like poems when bored because it's her choice and you really don't get a say in that. She is also the head of Innores International, an international research community working for promoting research work in medical undergraduates but that is not important for you to know unless you're a medical student interested in research reading this.( Just in rare case, you are, feel free to drop her an email at
    Book ISBN: 9781005336639


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