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From self-loathing to self-delusion, from hating life to loving it all, all the author's journeys count to be unique on their own. Hailing from a defense family, she had been through a lot of challenging moments to deal with. But growing older and perceiving life from an angle that is different from others is probably her biggest strength.

The Midnight Musings. - Unicorn

SKU: 9781005228316
  • Author's Name :  Reha Panigrahi
    About the Author :  Reha Panigrahi is a Ph.D. student and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Chemistry from IIT Gandhinagar. While in love with the magic of poetry and rhyming, she has tried to perceive things differently to write her own. Poetry is something that comes to her naturally, and she loves penning them down. Apart from writing poems, she is an active volleyball player and an enthusiastic human who is always eager to try and learn different things to make life vibrant every moment. She believes in the "ONE LIFE, ONE MOMENT, LIVE IT!" concept.
    Book ISBN :  9781005228316
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