Description of the Book:

“Without them, you wouldn’t have any driving heart to begin with… In a way, you were never really lost.” ‘The Light Was On The Whole Time’ is an anthology that confesses the story and hardship of finding yourself within society. Those who are looking to escape the pressures of living up to expectations and the whirlwind of knowing exactly who you are, can find comfort in this short collection of twenty poems. If you’re ready to dive deep into a story of finding your light within the darkness, turn on the bedside lamp and settle in.

The Light Was On The Whole Time

  • Author Name : Cambrielle Sequeira
    About the Author : Cambrielle (Bria) Sequeira is a first time author and a high school graduate from British Columbia, Canada. Although young by age, she’s often called an ‘old soul’. Cambrielle grew up surrounded by decades of music and lyrical prose, infatuated with finding quotes from authors and poets to precisely dictate her emotions and ambitions. In her spare time, she takes hiking and kayaking adventures with her friends, hoping to travel to Europe someday. She also has a hobby of unicycling and juggling, but those are often considered odd ways to pass time, adopted from when she performed as a local circus artist. Today, you can find her designing a future to include the study of linguistics and the fire services. It is clear that Cambrielle not only loves to write and keep her hands full, but does so in a way that attempts to help others feel safe and understood - as it is evident in her first book, ‘The Light Was On The Whole Time’.