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Description of the Book :


This poetry collection covers the exploration of darkness, anxiety, depression. It was written as a coping mechanism. But there are hints of hope that shine through. My dream is that this might help someone like myself, and offer solace in the dark places. Welcome to my brain. A dark, messy, intriguing place that I’ve long been afraid to explore.

The Journey of an Anxious Mind - The Tempest in My Mind

SKU: 9781005704421
  • Author's Name :  Meghan Solo
    About the Author :  Meghan is a walking disaster, who makes odd choices and follows her heart for better or worse. She has been an avid reader since she very small. She was fortunate enough to grow up with a librarian for a mother that rapidly fed her early addiction to words. Meghan has two fuzzball cats named Piper and Leia who often scream at her, offering insight and critiques on her work. Their dedication to keeping mom on track, sleeping on anything important, eating anything that even seems remotely plantlike, and 3am zoomies offer a productive environment in which getting work done is very effortless. The biggest complaint Miss Piper and Miss Leia have is that their mother is too dense to understand the things they are very clearly saying to her. Oh, you can occasionally find the three of them on Instagram (@m3ghansolo) where Meghan pretends she can turn a clever phrase to accompany random photos of her life.
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