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Description of the Book:

The word rubatosis refers to the uncanny awareness of the beating of your heart.
This book is a collection of such poems when one is acutely aware of the throbbing, pulsating rhythm of the heart.
This catalogue of moments will take you through the intricacies of love, loss, pain, hope, happiness, and all those emotions in life that make you realise you are human, and alive.

The Hour of Rubatosis

  • Author Name: Shireen Saba Khan
    About the Author: Shireen is a person unusually satisfied with her overthinking streak, in order to understand the complexities of the world and people around. Consequently, she likes being a little lost in the middle of nature, where she finds nothing is complex. A selectively extrovert, Shireen can talk nonstop around people she’s comfortable with, and yet be seen as a shy, quiet sort. As such, she really relates to cats, and definitely knows she’s going to end up being the cat lady of the neighbourhood. Shireen is not a storyteller, she is merely writing her own story, one word at a time.
    Book ISBN: 9782426045797


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