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Covid a part of new normal where a million of Lives have been destroyed. One among is our Story, We live in a small one bhk house. Adjusting to ourself all the time.. coz we know some day of Life we move on to a palace where You are the King & Mom's the Queen. But this is Life, never ever in Life things go as planned. One small mistake destroyed our entire world. Day on Day as time passed tears dried off crying. Body felt weak, Nervousness all over, though hard to digest things happening.. One small hope where everything goes as normal. Being possitive & Hopeful were the only things we could hope for. And finally things made it to end, his soul left the entire world. Yes I know things happened can't be changed, but I wanted time to go through Hug him tight and tell him How much I Love You.

Thank You Nanna..

  • Author's Name: Bheemparam Kishore Kumar
    About the Author: Bheemparam kishore kumar is a 3rd year MBBS student by profession in Telangana. He is a passionate writer took active part in about 50 anthologies. & even compiled an anthology titled Never Ending Footsteps. Even made to his first solo book titled "Somewhere in between The Moon & Grave". "He believes the art of saving life inspires in making art of everything he can. Feeling the little things happening around us, everyword you speak can be made an art of it." Life never went smooth in his journey.. it took him to a stage where his respiratory process were running on machines. Inspite of struggles he never stopped persuing his passion. Travelling all around and understanding the nature & culture of different place is his favourite hobbie. Once in every alternate month he travels to random place explores the beauty of nature, How it heals a human with Peace. As we know unplanned trips are always fun, but his every trip goes unplanned. He is always Thankful to his Parents& Teachers who supported irrespective of things he dreamt doing off. School friends, Friends of Friends, Intermediates, Cousins, Long term mates, Friends of Medical School, Seniors who were always on his side in correcting every mistake he does & kept inspiring all the time. He never feels the success alone, but a collective success of everyone.


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