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Description of the Book :

A collection of (mostly) short poems told in rhyme. Discover fictional worlds of mythical creatures, nature, places, and people in this book of assorted poetry!

Tales Sung by a Rambling Songbird

  • Author Name : Jane E. River
    About the Author : Jane grew up in a family of seven, living in a small town in New York. Growing up, she loved reading, singing, and spending time with her family. A home school graduate of 2017, Jane became interested in poetry when she was twelve years old. Her favorite type of poetry is rhyme, as you'll see in this book. In 2018, she won second place in a poetry contest held by a local paper. However, poetry is not her only passion. She enjoys writing short stories as well and hopes one day to publish a novel. She also loves nature photography, and since the start of 2021, Jane has picked up yet another hobby- learning Japanese! She's currently learning the language with two of her brothers and hopes to visit Japan with them sometime in the future. But her ultimate goal is to one day write a poem entirely in Japanese!
    Book ISBN : 9781005405885


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