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Our lives can often be defined by unexpected moments and driven by the wonder we have for what is next. Most memorable are times when we have felt wonderful or come to discover something new and exciting from our curiosity. In his second collection, Emond has taken to reflecting on wonder in a variety of contexts, all equally thought out and engaging. The poetry itself ranges from self-aware, serious, and silly; overall, his work continues to be emotional and meditative. Status Quorum will spark a reaction in you throughout your reading, reminding you of highs, lows, and perhaps make you think of the world in a new way.

Status Quorum

  • Author's Name : Christian Emond
    About the Author : Christian Emond is a Canadian poet who has consistently been described as both an old soul and a romantic by his loved ones and colleagues. Christian received his bachelor of science at the University of Calgary studying cellular, molecular, and microbial biology, while conducting synthetic biological research. After which he would go on to teach and work in a variety of lab and research spaces, however, through all of it he has maintained an interest in writing poetry. He has a love for teaching, psychology, sociology, writing, research, and entrepreneurship, though he refuses to settle into a single discipline, he puts his heart and soul into everything he does. If you want to continue to follow and support Christian’s journey through the world of writing poetry you can buy his first collection, “Planted in Snow Soaked Grass”, and follow him on Instagram: @crispin_cytosine.
    Book ISBN : 9783174117170