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Description of the Book:

Remya holds every moment of her experience in her mind , caressess it with a lover's touch and weaves an exquisite tapestry of verses leaving the reader enriched yet insatiate ..
The poems meander through disparate experiences ,some of which are author's own and some that she witnessed from the sidelines . Her sensitivity reflecting a keen perceptiveness of the world .Her writing is a lyrical rhapsody shining with a rich ,luminous patina . Fierce ,Fragile and Irreverent ...


  • Author Name: Remya Ramdas
    About the Author: Remya Ramdas is a first time author . Though she has been writing since childhood ,this is her first published work .She quit her corporate job after nine years, to focus on her family . She loves to read ,write ,paint and dream .She currently lives in Kolkata with her husband,son and two dogs . She can be found on Instagram @remyathebookworm
    Book ISBN:  9785998913815


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