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Description of the Book :

This book is about something that many people are dealing with these days around this new global village we have. Displacement. It is a form of mourning, like losing a loved one and for some equal in its hardship. Nevertheless, it is a rebirth as well, in which you start over to define your identity, and like a child know your world from scratch. Immigration is about adventure. Like go camping in a forest. Diaspora on the other hand, is getting lost in that forest. Diaspora happens when you lose your roots, you are a dweller here and an outsider at home. There is a lack of belonging in diaspora. You always feel this “otherness”, the fact that you neither belong to the place you are dwelling in nor to the place you come from. This may even lead to a choice of solitude. However, at the end of the day, neither immigration nor diaspora are the real pain, it is the fact that people can victimise you by it that makes it irrationally bitter. I want to dedicate this book to two other victims of “where are you from?”: Mahoor Mosahebi, my cousin, and Masoumeh Jafari, a best friend of mine.

Songs of a "Where are you from?" Victim

  • Author's Name : Sohrab Mosahebi
    About the Author : Sohrab Mosahebi (He/They/Ou) is an Iranian student of Comparative Literature in Canada. His academic research field is literary theory and criticism, and postcolonialism. He has particularly been working on Iranian diasporic poetry in recent years. He has been writing poetry himself in his mother tongue (Persian) since he was eight and started writing in English in the late 2010s. He has been active in the arts and cultural scene of Iran for so many years and published two poetry collections in Persian (In his home country Iran) so far. He tends to focus more on philosophical and social issues and challenge what people take as self-evident in their ideologies or daily lives. You can follow him on his homepage at .
    Book ISBN : 9798448906367


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