Description of the Book:

“In a way, poems are suited to modern life. They're short, they’re intense. Nobody has time to read a 700page book. People read magazines, and a poem takes less time than an article” Caroline Kennedy.

In a way, “sleepless thoughts” are short, but thoughtful poems that speak about the devastating effects of modernity on a young mind.

It is a collection of 18 poems that are randomly penned down, which range from dread to hope, from self doubt to self discovery.

sleepless thoughts

  • Author Name: Meghana H
    About the Author: Meghana H was born and brought up in the bustling city of Bangalore, India. Currently a student of architecture, she spends as much time with friends and family, as she does with her drafting board. Having been a voracious reader all her life, she is now ready to publish her first ever book.
    Book ISBN: 9781033631324