Description of the Book :


Slamming Doors and Empty Drawers takes readers through the aftermath of a breakup. The collection focuses on the raw emotion and grief that effect us all when we lose someone for the first time, as well as dealing with the reactions we are not always proud of. Starting with the bitter close of a relationship, readers are able to see the tumultuous nature of an end as well as the eventual healing.

Slamming Doors and Empty Drawers

  • Author's Name :  Rachel Antrobus
    About the Author :  Rachel Antrobus is a Library Manager from the North-West of England. She is not so patiently waiting to marry her fiancée, the most beautiful woman she has ever met. Her poetry and short stories have previously been published in Stonewall’s Legacy and Queer as Hell. Slamming Doors and Empty Drawers is her debut poetry collection. To find out more, visit her website:
    Book ISBN :  9780463305119