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Description of the Book:


If love is beautiful then why does it has to be painful? This is one of the many questions that many people asked and this is the same question that the Poet kept on asking until he found the answers in his own experiences of love. Heartbreak, betrayal is a hard pill to swallow and for most people they refuse to let go and to find love again but keep on suffering, only a few have that spirit to let go and love once again, and the poet chose the latter.

This book is a compilation of poems that tell of the beauty of love, heartbreak, betrayal and with them the desire to rise up from the pains and find beauty in them.

Silent Love

SKU: 9789358730661
  • Author's Name: Garmylo Pdang
    About the Author: From an early age Garmylo discovered a deep appreciation for the power of words and the art of storytelling. This love for the art emerges from many beautiful experiences and memories, and growing in a remote village of Meghalaya further added up to this.He is born in Meghalaya but spent most of his academic years in different cities. His stinct as the student editor of his College News Letter and his college blog helps him a lot in shaping and chiselling his words.
    Book ISBN: 9789358730661
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