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Description of the Book :


Sanctum of Muses is a collection of poetry that explores a plethora of emotions and human tendencies that range from love, grief, hope, courage, loss, and the one that dominates them all - hypocrisy.  This book holds itself as a fort on the path to unravel self-awareness and acceptance of what is. The poems reveal what being human feels like- broken and beautiful. Each one, with a flavour of its own, strikes different chords to remind us of a simple yet complex nature and perspectives that make us the way we are.

Sanctum of Muses

  • Author's Name :  Roma Shukla
    About the Author :  Roma Shukla is a fibre artist and a Sitar student by day, and a poet by midnight. Her poem 'Wings of Fire', was published by Oxigle Publishing House in an anthology Wings of Words in 2018. She is a biotechnologist who found her love in writing and her dream venture, 'Roma's Hope Shop'. Roma is a girl in her twenties, an introvert Libra who struggles on the tipped scales with high hopes and belief in magic. She breathes hot chocolate with a view of St. Paul in London, UK while missing pani puri on the streets of her hometown Navsari in Gujarat. You can reach out to her at or connect with her @romashopeshop on Instagram and Facebook.
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