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Description of the Book:

Roses are precious over and under. Its detachment from the plant doesn't mean it lost belongingness, it means that the rose will go someplace where loving hearts reside. They don't lose their worth even after they die. They are preserved and modified into something even better. Though the water has dried, the flower's beauty and scent remain.
Similarly, even after hardships, just a little care can do wonders to a weeping soul, like a healing dressing to a bleeding wound. A developing first love going downhill quicker than imagined can hurt but that doesn't mean the world is devoid of love completely. You can sometimes find it in a place you've never even searched. You will find it when you need it the most from the person who contains your soul, i.e. yourself.
From wishing for love from someone else to getting it but with betrayal to finding it in it's purest form within yourself. The journey of a rose is to experience it all while losing a few petals. But that doesn't mean the intact ones lose their value. The rose never dies in vain.
So this is for all my darling roses out there who think drying means dying. It isn't so. Keep going. Find your 'you'. Find your love.

Roses Fall

  • Author Name: Chinmaya Chawhan
    About the Author: "I don't want forever. I just need minutes. Minutes of whispers of words of love, so that I can smile in my dreams." Chinmaya Chawhan (Whisperer), born in 2000, is a resident of Maharashtra, India. Her interest in literature is what fueled her passion in writing. She admires stories and words that express the requisites of a solemn heart. She is a dreamer and believer of love and hope. She never backs down on any challenge and finds her inspiration in the companionship of mother nature and the ever beautiful moon.
    Book ISBN: 9786915105023


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