Description of the book:

Daydreaming and moonlighting about nostalgia and beeping monitors in an ICU; a room’s atmosphere brimming with love devilled with dementors greedy for the soul of a poor neonate - Scribbled during offbeat hours of a room where patients with tuberculosis were gallivanting just before lunch, Animesh Upadhyay’s digital diary on his phone is an amalgamation of love, family, intimacy, various arbitrary thoughts, and a dog (because, why not). Where editing took more time than writing the poems itself. Known to touch strings to a person’s heart (self-proclaimed) and pushing them into a sea of reminiscence, this is everything you wanted to know – about life, heartbreaks, suicides and . . . did he mention the dog!


  • Author Name: Dr Animesh Upadhyay
    About the Author: Dr Animesh Upadhyay is a general practitioner working in a government setup. A former academic scholar from King’s College London, he has spent countless hours in evidence based medicine doing research in various specialties. Professionally, he has a bachelor’s in medicine and surgery (M.B.B.S) and has presented papers internationally with corresponding accolades. Along with contracting the Covid-19 virus twice himself (technically), he has been an active part of the Covid-19 pandemic and a frontline worker since the initial days. Animesh is a fitness enthusiast and has run marathons and even ultramarathons (a distance more than 50km). He is currently training for his ironman triathlon following his battle from a bone tumor two years ago. He balances his passions and lives a multifaceted lifestyle writing for various scientific platforms as a freelancer and has spent the last few years contemplating his flair for poetry. He breathes in the city of Mumbai.