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Description of the Book :


To describe is to limit. The only way to do justice and describe this amalgamation of words that I call poetry without confining it is to say that this book is a result of a surge of lingering thoughts. The poems in this book are the symbols of outlooks of a young writer figuring out life and forming new perspectives with each new experience. And when the thoughts in her head get too intense to handle, the result is a brewing cup of poetry (and you know what!)

Relishing Ruminations

SKU: 9781005493912
  • Author's Name :  Roshneet Kaur
    About the Author :  Born and brought up in Delhi, Roshneet Kaur is a batch 2020 alumnus of Mata Jai Kaur Public School, Delhi. She is currently pursuing English Honours from Ambedkar University, Delhi. Even though she didn’t choose her name for herself, fortunately, the name and its nature do justice to her personality. Like its meaning “dawn” or “light”, she is a person who believes in there is light after every darkness and identifies as a person who likes to see the brighter side of things to keep moving and learning. In her words, "I am like poetry itself inspiring to flow free like words, stirring emotions within me and daring myself to dream and fulfils those dreams."
    Book ISBN :  9781005493912
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