Description of the Book :


The book is a compilation of poems about love, nature and perception. While there is no overarching theme that neatly ties the poems together, melancholy, perhaps, could be called the common ground. Most of my poems have a melancholic mood, albeit not because I am one myself. I don't have a plausible explanation as to why, but my best guess would be that my work subconsciously echoes the mood from some of my favourite poems (authored by W.H Auden and Leonard Cohen).


  • Author's Name :  Rajeeb Gurung
    About the Author :  Rajeeb Gurung is an avid writer who has dreamed about writing since his childhood. Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, he grew up reading fiction books and now enjoys reading non-fiction books too. He enjoys poetry and often is on the hunt for poems that will inspire him to write more. Besides creative writing, he is a full-time reporter in the finance industry and freelances as a copywriter and a content writer for international companies.
    Book ISBN :  9781005731434