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Description of the Book:

Poetic Affirmations is an amalgamation of the emotions that humans are blessed with in a poetic form.
Every poem asks for some reflection within to discover yourselves better.
The book comes out as a form of art to the experiences.
Are you ready to discover your trueself through these poems?
Make time to go within and allow the magic to happen

The Book states different Affirmations before every poem for the reader to chant once and then proceed with About the Poem and the Poem itself.

Poetic Affirmations

  • Author Name: Puneet Kaur 
    About the Author: "The dusky skin is like the shade of the sky Right before the sunset, the gorgeous fly The mind is a universe of thoughts Some positive and some rots But I know how to connect your dots and framing my own mini galaxies which shine in the blink of an eye Or the generous smile to a passenger passing by It is in the walk Or in your reaction when the world takes her for a mock The hair are like the ocean waves Promising care and love that i crave The ring Is like the phase of moon That makes sure that I have a spark even on the darkest of days Oh the mysterious ways Which lies in the glance of your eyes And those words wise Shebis an Alluring Woman Who is meant to bring a change With destinies arranged." She is a Sardaarni hailing from the Land of Love, thoughshe is an absolute opposite of the statement above. Her works speak of experiences and emotions because she feels, "Anyone who says that it is not their story, is a liar". Through her writings she tries to get a little closer to the Universe and unfold the magic within.
    Book ISBN: 9788018324448


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