Description of the Book:


The person we turn out to be is from the experiences we have in our lifetime. Experiences are not just in action but in emotions too. Feelings and emotions are way too important to be understood and dealt with properly for the sanity of the human race. Hope you can relate to any of the content within and know that you are not alone in this! A little sneak peek from the book… Making me believe that I could have someone who would love me beyond my self loathe, self doubt and my insecurities!!!


  • Author's Name: Neha Gopal Goyal
    About the Author: Neha Gopal Goyal is an Engineer by profession and an author by heart. She keeps herself busy with reading novels, browsing stuff in general on any topic if not busy penning down her thoughts. She believes that all are rookie in life so there is always room for learning!
    Book ISBN: 9781005578145