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Description of the Book:

I build my walls to hide my scars. I stand tall to hide my fears. I wear makeup to cover my insecurities. I write endlessly to release my emotions. Emotions is such an ordinary word, my life hasn’t been ordinary at all. The little girl sitting in band practice lost in the rhythm, that was me. The little girl sitting in the back of the class daydreaming to escape reality, that was me. The little girl screaming in the hallway, that was me. The little girl walking endlessly lost, that was me. The little girl strutting on a mission, that was me. The little girl loud and obstructive, that was me. The little girl, cute and flirtatious, that was me. But that wasn’t the real me. I was the little girl who would write continuously streaming sentences of harsh words together, the little girl hidden in her bedrooms scraping layers of her skin to rid her world of pain, the little girl walking alone although surrounded by people, the little girl lost in a nightmare she couldn’t escape. I was the little girl that would hide behind a pretence to avoid the stares, the little girl that would appear confident to hide her fears. The little girl who grew up way too quickly, the little girl who learnt lessons the hard way. I was the little girl who always destroyed everything she ever had. I was the little girl who manipulated every thought and emotion. The little girl everyone envied if only they knew. I’m the little girl that’s grown into a woman, who has learnt to build her life. The woman who controls her mind and sleeps at night. The woman who has released the trauma from her past, the woman who has grown to reach out and to love. The woman who found her courage and strength by feeling, who now guides others to find their universal love to allow them to grow; through Coaching & Circle connections. The woman who creates her own space in the world. The woman that is You.

P.O.E.T.R.Y : Picture One Escaping Torment Rescue Yourself

  • Author's Name: Danielle Walker
    About the Author: From a young teenager who felt the weight of the world; a successful entrepreneur and coach, strong minded woman was reborn. Now her goal in life is to empower those to also grow and live free from societal expectations and find the strength and love to follow their own path.
    Book ISBN: 9781005916503


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