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Description of the Book:

" All you need for that
are the right kind of people,
some good conversation,
some laughter and some love "

This is a shoutout to all who are having second thoughts about life in this flawed world of ours. This is a compilation of 21 poems penned over a span of 21 days. This collection of poetry was written as a means to exorcise the inner demons of anyone plagued by the troubles of everyday life. The works featured in this book span a wide range of unusual topics, and are more intimate conversation than formal poetry. Lastly this book was meant to be the equivalent of an old friend sitting down with you over a cup of coffee when you're having a bad day, and telling you things that make you see the light in life again. May you find comfort in these pages.


Oysters and words

  • Author Name: Dr Bala lives
    About the Author: Dr Bala lives in Kerala. He is a fulltime practicing doctor and a parttime writer. He speaks four languages and has an interest in world history, martial arts, exotic teas and fantasy literature. An avid dogperson and pop culture enthusiast, the notsogood doctor enjoys a good book and posts his book reviews, opinions and miniessays on instagram under the handle of @manofagency. He dreams of opening a classic literaturethemed cafe someday where he moonlights as a baristo and serves people coffee drinks from around the world, alongwith some good conversation. He lives with his wife and a houseplant in a house in the hills.
    Book ISBN: 9785857341933


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