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Description of the Book:

This is me my insides spread out what I feel what I see the world in my eyes the wind the trees every word a drop of my blood for you to be me. - arjyoma chanda.

Oceans In My Veins.

  • Author Name: Arjyoma Chanda
    About the Author: Arjyoma Chanda has been fascinated by literature from a very young age and has always been delighted to read at any and all given moments. The author found her ability to string words together to create something miraculous at the age of 14, and has continued to dedicatedly do so whenever struck by inspiration. She is determined to leave a mark of her own in the vast universe of literature and hopes to reach people with her words. The author is a student and currently resides in Bangalore, India.
    Book ISBN: 9781005605681


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