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Description of the Book:

This book is a collection of poems, that are based on my core beliefs, expectations for the future, and on events in my past. Some of them are poems from my journals. Others, are stanzas, that I wrote on scraps of paper while travelling, when I didn't have my journal at hand.

Most of these are simply experiences shaped into stories. These poems, don't just reflect who I am as an individual. They represent the values and ideals that have shaped me so far, which have given me a sense of direction in life. If you should glean something after reading this, it's that every individual has a story, and that every story has it's own significance. The culmination of different stories is what makes life, worth living. This is simply, a small part of my story so far.

Obsessions of a Firewright

  • Author Name: Akhil Sreekumar
    About the Author: Akhil Sreekumar is a foodie, traveler, writer, quizzer, debater, and MUNner. He graduated with a B.Tech (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering from Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kerala, and was the Chairperson of the Society of Automotive Engineers at MACE. A lover of stoic philosophy, coffee, and the roar of a beautiful V10 IC engine, he is an advocate of fluid learning and strives towards helping people to write more, to make them understand that everyone has a story and that their stories make them individually unique. You can find him at @firewright on Instagram.
    Book ISBN:  9782669926662


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