Description of the Book:


This poetry book allows unfiltered access into the mind of a recently diagnosed autistic female and reflects on the many emotions associated with being on the spectrum. Many of the common traits associated with autism are touched on in the book and the meaning behind the poems are explained in detail. These poems are written from the perspective of an autistic individual who appears fairly normal due to masking her autistic traits, but they also show the repercussions of this and what it feels like to be an outsider in a society made for neurotypical people. They also offer insight into certain autistic behaviours, explaining why autistic people do things different. In addition to focusing on autism, there are poems about anorexia. These poems offer a glimpse into why so many autistic females end up with eating disorders in adolescence. All in all, Not Neurotypical shows why our society needs more people who understand autism. Many people on the spectrum are misunderstood and therefore cannot access the freedoms they deserve. This means that autistic people cannot reach their full potential and in general, have lower life expectancies. So why not educate yourself?

Not Neurotypical: A Series of Poems about Life as an Autistic Female

  • Author's Name: Finty Royle
    About the Author: Finty is a medical student and international mountain runner. She is part of the National autistic society youth ambassador programme and enjoys raising awareness of Autism in girls. She is a confident public speaker and in addition to speaking at healthcare conferences, made it to the national final of a speaking competition, talking on the topic of mental health. She featured in the "Connecting the Dots" mental health documentary and is a youth campaigner for the charity Magic Breakfast which works towards ensuring no child is too hungry to learn. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling and going on camping adventures. Despite her accomplishments, Finty went through a long period of poor mental health during high school and was hospitalised with anorexia aged fifteen. She spent the following year juggling school with numerous CAHMS appointments. It wasn’t until an autism diagnosis that she began to truly recover. It was a turning point that allowed her to finally understand herself. Now, Finty strives to increase awareness of autism and reduce the stigma and stereotypes surrounding the condition.
    Book ISBN: 9781005973018