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Description of the Book:


"AULD LANG SYNE" "Nosegay of Poésies" is an anthology of lucid and enthralling poems for all the age groups, encompassing the varied hues of life right from the wondrous nature, to the flamboyant wedding celebration, to impeccable fauji life, to the heart-warming tributes, to the razzle-dazzle of life prior to pandemic and many more . All woven in poignant words like the strings of pearls, intriguing the readers to associate themselves with a poem or two stimulating to revivify their good old days with a sense of jubilance and wonder !!

Nosegay of Poésies: A Collection of Lucid and Enthralling Poems

  • Author's Name: Nidhika Gurung Goyal
    About the Author: Nidhika Gurung Goyal, author of " Nosegay of Poésies" . Nidhika, grew up in the picturesque district of Uttarakhand, Dehradun. Being the seventh generation Army kid, she was brought up in the most congenial ambience with values that were deeply rooted. Being surrounded by chivalrous men in Olives and multifaceted ladies of grace and poise, she developed an artistic flair towards life. Having been educated in the best of the schools and University across India, Nidhika chose her passion as her profession too. She is a devout Educationist who is profoundly adored by her students and people akin to her. Her book " Nosegay of Poésies" is a glimpse of her aesthetic vista towards life.
    Book ISBN: 9781005426958


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