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Description of the Book:


Sometimes I have nothing to say Because I am too empty. And Sometimes I have nothing to say Because I am too full. *** These words that I put here, invite you to revel in the silence of the night with glimpses of ourselves in the form of love, loss, and longings, and the rest that is just a blur, intertwined with the impressions of everything that has been beautiful but also annihilating. This collection is just an expression of our lives, passing with us, through us, and often without us. This is an acknowledgment of all the nights when we don’t drown our inchoate emotions in the stampede of rationalism or sanity. We’re always in a flux of sentiments - either chasing them, reeling from them, hiding from them, or just trying to hold onto them. These poems are here to whisper softly that you’re not alone.

Nights by the window: Musings for the Dark

  • Author's Name: Pragati Verma
    About the Author: Pragati Verma is a 20-year-old girl, fascinated by words, dwelling on emotions, and seeking the silence between the lines. She is an individual who has befriended poetry since her teens and looking for a home in her most innate thoughts, withholding tiny aches and thousands of new worlds left to dream. Find her online on medium:
    Book ISBN: 9781005118549


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