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Description of the Book:

We often have too many emotions to process, that’s perhaps what it means to be human. This book is thus the portrayal of my humanity, in verse. While some of my poems are from my own emotions, others are from what I perceive of the world as an empath. I do hope you enjoy reading between the lines, because a lot of the verses in the following pages would need that. Hope you enjoy reading!

Nightingale's Melancholia

  • Author's Name: Anchit Goyal
    About the Author: I started writing about 9 years ago, at the peak of my adolescence just scraping some words together. Only recently has melancholia beckoned me to its blissful, lotus-ridden, shores, and I have never left since. Too accustomed to the comfortable, and too afraid of change, my poetry now dabbles on elements of melancholies.


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