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Description of the book:

The theme of this book deals with the emotions that one may feel from time to time. As individuals, we all form independent opinions and feelings that sort of define our thinking and our personalities. This collection has all those elements which frame opinions as such. A lot of varied aspects have been touched upon. Initially, it is about those held back emotions that were meant to be kept within but then came across as it probably does not need to be any longer. A lot also has to do with the varied perceptions that each one has of all the things that may be significant in each one’s lives. Feelings of how we were and who we want to become, recalling old events that perhaps seem not so eventful but have been significant, to say the least. And some of these are what makes us keep going through. It also mentions that we all feel doubtful and insecure at times feeling like we haven’t done enough for ourselves and that we need to constantly be at our best even if we don’t feel like it. A lot of funny mishaps and bits to laugh about that happen almost on a daily basis are certainly not left out. Some which are of dreams and hopes, ones that are truly manifested as what we would want to seek for a little bit of magic although we are in the real world. Eventually what it seizes to let us know is that we are all different and want different things, a journey that is our own must be lived knowing that we all will face all kinds of difficulties. What we make out of it is what defines our worth and our lives. To live one on our own terms is what we want and that is what keeps us on our toes constantly. At the end of the day what is universally significant is that we have all had these feelings and emotions at some point and that is not bad because it has made us a lot stronger.

Mystic Morrows

  • Author Name: Joanna Jacob
    About the Author: Joanna Jacob, born and raised in Kerala in India, is a young student currently pursuing law. This book is her first official piece of work. She discovered her love for writing when in school as it was a great way for her to express herself and let out her thoughts and feelings. It was only to herself at that point, writing about what she hopes to see for herself. Besides writing poetry Joanna loves spending her time listening to good music, baking, travelling and also has a major interest in fashion. She is deeply passionate about the things that matter to her and hopes to be able to write more in the future.


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