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Description of the Book:

This book contains all my unspoken words and my perspective regarding different aspects of life. It is a poetic ride which will introduce every readers with different emotions and phases of life. I hope my book will touch every readers heart.

My unvoiced thoughts

  • Author Name: Rishu Sharma
    About the Author: Myself Rishu Sharma. I am pursuing graduation in psychology honours. I love penning down my emotions. I am an ambitious women. I think writing saved my sanity. Writing helps me to exonerate my heart. It helps me in weaving my emotions and thoughts in an alluring way. I love reading poetries and novels. Ravindra Singh is my favorite Author. I had started reading by reading his best selling novel , I too had a love story. My parents , friends and teachers are my strength. This is book is my debut as an author. Looking forward to give my readers more books and novels to read.
    Book ISBN: 9781005554200


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