Description of the Book:

Who decided that average isn't good enough? Mundane Musings is a collection of poems about the small, everyday things in life. The things that aren't usually talked about, sometimes for a good reason. Themes of nature, food and poop are explored in a quirky yet relatable way. If you are looking for an inspirational guide, please continue looking! This book contains only rhymes without reason. "I can't believe you wrote a poem about that!" My friend. "If you relate to these poems you’re probably weird." My brother. "Yeah... I don't get poetry." My sister.

Mundane Musings: A Collection of Everyday Poems

  • Auhtor Name: Kirra Jo
    About the Author: Born in Perth, Australia Kirra has been surrounded by books since she was a child. Through her travels, she developed a love of sharing stories, often finding inspiration from nature and art.