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Description of the Book:

A 30-day writing challenge pushes the author, Alessandra Grifi, to write a series of poems, each building on the other. They explore the unspoken and the unseen, viewing the world through filtered lenses. Movement and Sunsets is a collection that presents ongoing conversations and allows the reader to participate in them.

Movements And Sunrises

  • Author's Name: Alessandra Grifi
    About the Author: Alessandra Grifi is a second-year university student, studying English at the University of York. She has been consistently using her core values in her work and allows them to shine through her actions. Alessandra is a Laidlaw Scholar and has created a detailed research project on the eternities and boundaries in Elizabeth Siddal's art, and is still working on it today.
    Book ISBN: 9781005892678


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