Description of the Book:

This book is about every emotions that you feel, that I feel, maybe when we're alone or when we are not. It's not just about love or envy. It's not just about pains or pacifics. It's not just about our traumas or our tetherings. It's about everything and more. My alter-egos wanted me to write poetries that do not connect at first glance, they wanted me to explore the genres and the feels. So I did and here they are. You, as a reader, might not relate with all of them, but the ones that you do relate with, that's your unsung emotion and somewhere, mine too.

Mono-No-Aware: A Collection of Poems

  • Author's Name: Mahi Kishor
    About the Author: I'm just a 20-something person trying to figure out "life" and the purpose that it holds. Governed by angel numbers, I try to walk the fine line dividing what is and what isn't. I'm an avid daydreamer and a night-writer. Trying to wrap up my corporate life and trading it for my peace of mind through words that might hurt, might lure or might bleed.
    Book ISBN: 9781005097806