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Description of the Book:


This book is based on the life of the present generation who are mostly dragged towards the path of confusion rather than clarification in all aspects. The mind of youngsters is getting diverted to achieve an attractive thing but terminating the journey midway. By that point, the way they traveled looked messed up and no move remained. This is the story inside each stage of new beginnings. Their lifestyle appears organized with the combination of many unorganized events. This book depicts such mysterious incidents as poems that are written through fictional experiences. Messy Hair is the title given to this set of poems which portrays the hidden complexes of life. It depicts that each strand of hair has its uniqueness but when combined, the whole hair looks messy even though we want to maintain it orderly. In the same way, life has special moments and emotions with its significance but we start facing hurdles when we try to match them together.

Messy Hair

SKU: 9789358312164
  • Author's Name: Kiranmayi Sharma
    About the Author: Kiranmayi aka Sreevalli Pullabhatla was born in 2000 in Telangana, India into an educated and orthodox family. She was grown up till grade ten in a joint family. So she had built up strong emotions and a passion for writing by observing the works of her grandfather and father in literature. After completing her graduation, she developed an interest in writing books which was her childhood dream. Being an introvert, she tries to discover and analyze her surrounding environment than talking much. Her efforts to put all her contemplations together resulted in her first book called Messy Hair.
    Book ISBN: 9789358312164
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