Description of the Book:

This book is the collection of my attempts to write poems on sanities and insanities. Most of the poems in this book are raw (heard somewhere people like things raw, especially poetries), some are unorganized too, and mostly written in a rush but full of emotions.


  • Author's Name: Sandeep Karki
    About the Author: Sandeep Karki "Fulkumar" The author of this book, Sandeep Karki was born goes by the name “Fulkumar” among his peers. The word fulkumar means “flower guy” in Nepali language. for his obsession with flowers. There is nothing much to talk about him other than his undying love for poetry, books, flowers and nature. He also shares passion about movies and basically all kinds of sports, mostly football, he is a die hard fan of Liverpool Football Club. Fulkumar loves to write poems more than his academic notes, reads other books more than his course books. Before this book, he had self published his first poetry book “Fulkumar and his poems” via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.