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Description of the Book:

Love is boundless and we all have our own ways of experiencing it. In this book you will see the intensity of love and how it plays on your mind taking control of your heart. If love has limits, what would its face look like?

Love Has Limits?

  • Author's Name: Shalini Chintada
    About the Author: Shalini Chintada is a Businesswoman and mother of two beautiful daughters. She has a Heart of arts and pursued her bachelor's degree in it. She is versatile and has an amazing talent in whatever field of arts she places her hands on. She is a strong believer in live and let live. She has put her heart into writing and presently working on her recently started blog. She has also practiced Interpersonal counseling skills and shows people their potential and love for their life. She has many a talent and is a charming soul.
    Book ISBN: 9781005347314


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