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Description of the Book:

Everytime I witness a strong person, I want to know What Darkness They Conquered In Their Story?!
My book of poems is all about observation of life, the multiple chances one gets & the choices one makes of how to live it...

Life Through Poetry

  • Author Name: Sushma Chanana
    About the Author: There's never any age to discover what one is capable of, this truth about 'Growth' couldn't describe me better. Yes, I've always been an introvert, the quiet one, who never could have imagined in the wildest dreams that someday, late in life, I'd take to writing as a release. It's always that one hard kick that makes the ball soar forward... & when life dealt me one such kick, was the time I discovered the passion I felt in expressing through words what I visualised in life. What further spurred me on to continue writing is finding many who identified with what I wrote & found a release in reading them. It caused them to reflect on aspects otherwise buried deep. This itself was a huge reward for me. If your heart can dream it, your hands can build it & my message through my poems is Breakdowns Can Be Breakthroughs... Keep Smiling! :)
    Book ISBN:  9781099586743


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