Description of the Book :


The focus on life’s intricate patterns, and peculiarities, both deep and light hearted, have the need to be explored, the need to be celebrated and the need to be embraced. This is a compilation of short poems with tales of quirky bushrangers, and of cautious love; so dream, enter a world of imagination which is solely yours, though you read another’s composition. Walk beneath the stars, feel the wind tangle your hair, adventures are waiting.

Life in Blossom - A Compilation

  • Author's Name :  Keziah McIntosh
    About the Author :  Keziah McIntosh was raised in the small country town of Warialda in NSW, Australia, and is now a student studying Paramedicine in Port Macquarie. Many of her pieces of writing are influenced by experiences or events that have happened around her. She has had a huge interest in the creative aspects of literature since childhood, and loves the Australian landscape.
    Book ISBN :  9781005665081